MapTools Reseller Information

New pricing effective Jan, 1, 2023

The 2023 wholesale price list, is available for download as a pdf document.

Here at MapTools we understand that many of you bring value to our products by exposing them to folks who might not otherwise know about them, and that you make them available in marketplaces that we could not reach on our own, and we welcome that approach to reselling our products.

Some examples of resellers that add value include:

  • Brick and Mortar Retail Stores
  • Online stores attached to web sites targeting specific user groups.
  • Instructors that sell or provide our products as part of their classes.
  • Defense and public sector contractors specializing in linking government purchasers and contracts with products and vendors like ourselves.

We are much less interested in resellers that simple resell on large online marketplaces like Amazon or EBay. If this is what you do, and you still think we should value you as a reseller, please provide us with a detailed explanation of the value you bring to the table.

If you are an end user of large quantities of our products, you should take advantage of our existing quantity price breaks or contact us to negotiate quantity price breaks specific to your needs.

MapTools has two simple requirement to be met by folks wishing to resell our products.

First, we ask that you be engaged in an ongoing "value added" resale business with the intent to resell our products in the future. Please provide us with a short description of how and where you intend to resell our products.

Second, we ask that your first order total $100 or more at wholesale pricing, which is typically 50% off of retail. There is no minimum on subsequent orders. This is a small hurdle for most serious resellers, but we keep it that way, because we really do appreciate what it takes to be a small retail store and that you are making a serious commitment just to make physical space for our products in your inventory.

We'll evaluate your request and try to let you know in a timely manner if we think you are a good fit and are approved.

Additionally Net 30 day credit terms are available upon credit approval. A credit application is needed to start the credit approval process

An old catalogis available for download a pdf document, pricing is out of date.

We will be happy to drop ship orders for you. But we will charge a $5.00 per order drop ship fee.

Most of our products are available with either minimal packaging or in retail packaging in a poly bag with a hang tag and UPC bar code. Let us know what packaging works best for you when you place an order.