Why Use UTM Coordinates

The UTM coordinate system offers the following benefits:

A square grid

UTM Provides a constant distance relationship anywhere on the map. In angular coordinate systems like latitude and longitude, the distance covered by a degree of longitude differs as you move towards the poles and only equals the distance covered by a degree of latitude at the equator. Since land navigation is done in a very small part of the world at any one time using large scale maps. The UTM system allows the coordinate numbering system to be tied directly to a distance measuring system.

No negative numbers or East-West designators

Grid values increase from left to right and bottom to top

This is just like the X Y Cartesian coordinate system you learned high school math class. Simple Cartesian coordinate mathematics can be used. No spherical trigonometry is required!

Coordinates are decimal based

Ones, tens, hundreds and so on. No more minutes and seconds to convert.

Coordinates are measured in metric units

All UTM coordinates are measured in meters. Most of the world has already adopted the metric system. Now you won't need to remember how many feet are in a mile. And what's that in yards?