UTM Coordinate Tools

How to Use UTM, MGRS, and USNG Coordinates

========= utmtool150

"Pocket Sized" 1:24,000 scale
UTM Grid Overlay Tool

The "pocket sized" tool contains.

  • 100 m. UTM Grid Reader
  • Protractor and straightedge for plotting azimuths

I hand these out when I'm teaching students to work with UTM coordinates.

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Download this UTM Tool in PDF format... "Pocket Sized" 1:24,000 UTM Gird Overlay

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UTM Grids

24k grid

The UTM grid overlays are useful to interpolate one decimal place beyond the grid interval on the map. For example on a 1:24,000 scale USGS topo map the UTM grid lines are 1000m apart. The overlay will show 100m increments.

Grids like this work best for determining the coordinates of a mark on the map. To plot a point onto your map use a UTM Box tool that is open in the center.

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Download UTM Grids in PDF format...


UTM Corner Rulers

utm corners

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Download UTM Corner Rulers in PDF format...UTM Corner Ruler Overlay

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